Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Still here!

Errr...saya hidup lagi...

tak senonoh je nama blogger tapi lama tak update kan...i busy.. (orang lain tak busy macam saya)

Ni apasal tetiba boleh update pulak? Sebab cuti seminggu, Adam masuk darjah 1, kena lah stand by dia kan..

Ammar & Adam

Cuba cari adam

Beg je dah penuh kerusi

Yeeaa.. lepas rehat, masuk balik canteen food for you
How was 2011? As you all know, lots of things happened to our family in 2011.. Cairo/ Sinai..(oops that was Dec 2010--macam baru je kan), the big move, Manchester to Melaka, me started working again, Adam and Ammar started school here, the runaway tenant, a few vacations (Putrajaya-boleh kira tak?, Penang, PD)....all in all we settled down nicely.

But the best thing about 2011 is that I shed off 14 kg!! wakakakaaka... (jadi surirumah memang menggemukkan- kalau malas exercise macam saya)

So I was afraid because my BMI was nearing obesity, i don't want to be fat, slow and lazy, so I joined a free program with, followed it to the letter (almost) and reached my target. In the process i learned more about nutrition than what medical school taught me.

One rule that I learned and also applied elsewhere is that if you have a mission, the target and ways to achieve the target has to be outlined clearly, or else it would remain a mission statement. It would not go further than that.

Like when I wanted to change my eating habit, I said to myself, I want to eat 5 portions of fruits and veges a day. If you just make a mental note like that, "eat 5 a day" , very likely you won't achieve your target. How to achieve 5 a day- you must outline clearly. So my regime is, 2 fruits before breakfast- (must), then quarter plate veges at lunch and at dinner, so that makes 4/5, the other 1/5 is anytime in between (brunch, tea, supper, before dinner etc). And my advice is- eat the wajib first (fruits), if you leave it after a meal, quite often you will forget or become too full to take it.

That brings us to what my targets are for 2012....

Later, i think. InsyaAllah. Promised Adam some cookies to bake.

*we already got a tenant, hope she won't give us much problems, will also write few things about this later