Friday, 29 July 2011

A year here and there

I was reading My First Atlas with Ammar when he pointed out that it takes 84 years for Uranus to go round the Sun and 164 years for Neptune.

Then I realized something, that a year does not mean 365 days, but the time it takes for a planet to complete a cycle around the Sun (Earth=365 days only).

Well that explains why the Quran said a year in Hell is equivalent to ? thousand years on earth (is it 60 000 years?).

So how far is the Hell from us now? FYI Uranus is about 2.57 billion km from earth at its closest distance (the distance changes constantly because Earth and Uranus is orbiting on opposite side of the Sun- if I understood it correctly).

Which brings me to the question- How BIG is the Whole Universe really?

And Nabi Muhammad (saw) traveled all the way to Sidratul Muntaha after passing Hell and Heaven in one night.

Well, no wonder our world is not significant at all in comparison to the Realm of Allah's Kingdom.

May all of us are one of the Ulul Albab (definition of Ulul Albab is in Ali Imran 190-191). Of course, the gist here is not on finding how many km exactly, because it won't benefit us (ie increase in our faith), but to know that it is beyond our capability of measuring it is sufficient for us to take a deep breath and proclaim Allahu Akbar!

Ramadhan Kareem everyone!