Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Jangan Sesiapa Bangkang

Saya sebagai UmmuAbid menggunakan kuasa veto saya mengisytiharkan bayi lelaki tercomel tahun ini ialah Muhamad Abid Husaini.

Siapa tak puas hati pendamkan saja.


Monday, 21 September 2009

Aidilfitri di Manchester

Kepada sesiapa yg rindu kitorang, ni gambar raya :))

p/s Ammar kena pakai baju tahun lepas sebab baju tahun ni (yg sama mcm Adam) terbesar pulak.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

On Blogging, Laptops and Being Paranoid...

Life is monotonous now. The weather is not fun at all. I'm writing this from my husband's laptop, which is my 'rival', coz he spends more time with it more than me. My own laptop is under repair.

I was bloghopping the other day and found the medical community that I miss so much. So I've put some of the blogs on the bloglist. Their stories are the usual ones- happen in every hospital. Some are subspecialists, in which you can find a distinctive degree of maturity in the writings (full of jargons too). I also found some blogs of medical students- not included in the list. Their writings are full of hopes of the profession and system. Heheh. Yesss I can relate to that period of time. Compare that to the stories of despair in the doctors' blogs. I wonder how my writings will change when I start to work again. I hope I won't whine too much.

I also found the blogs of special children ie children who was born with perinatal asphyxia and sadly end up with cerebral palsy. Why I put them on? They, like people hit with cancers, have special place in my heart. When I was a junior doctor in O&G department we had a few cases like these. One is a medicolegal case and I was directly involved. I know it was not my fault but as my supervisor said to me "You didn't do any harm, but you didn't do enough". Some lessons you do need to learn it the hard way.

I've also put a list of my friends' online shops. Do check them out. Branded babywears, clarks shoes, smocked dresses (very lovely) and muslimahs swimwears.

I can't read much other blogs but I do need to say that I totally disagree with the most recent entry of a famous blogger (who has an internationally famous dad). I don't think she's helping with the current situation, and the things she said probably reflects some of the values that she's lacking. Everybody is entitled for their own opinion but being famous, her opinion might make some impact, and I do hope she will restrict her opinions to her field of expertise. I don't like the comments that follow the post either. So I'm removing her blog out of the list because I don't think she's worth reading anymore.

Many things to write about, but I think I will wait till my laptop is back (people do get attached to their own laptops, kan.. no wonder my husband has an intimate relationship with his).

Lastly, all the best in searching for Lailatul Qadr, the night that is better than a thousand months.

p/s...I hate feedjit live traffic. I feel I'm being stalked...(paranoid me).