Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Perkembangan terbaru saya...

Nama saya Abid. Saya dah besar. Abang-abang saya kekadang panggil saya Dabid, atau Dabdab. Kadang2 dah jadik Tab (?). Mama saya pelik macam mana abang-abang saya boleh dapat nama-nama tu.

 Saya dan abang2 saya

Saya belum boleh berjalan. Tapi saya sangat lasak. Mama saya dah tak boleh biarkan saya main sendiri sebab saya akan panjat ke sana sini. Saya suka! Saya pantang nampak tempat tinggi sikit sendi-sendi saya pun mulalah gatal....

Saya panjat nak tengok tingkap. Ada apa di luar sana ya?

Saya suka pergi berjalan dengan Papa saya. Papa saya bawa saya pergi kedai makan. Saya join aje. Asal Papa dgn Mama saya happy ok lah tu. Saya pandai duduk diam-diam.

 Di kedai Thai Banana. Saya tak suka orang kat kedai ni asyik kacau2 saya. Mentang2 saya baby lagi. Saya tau lah saya comel. Saya nangis.

Di kedai kopi Costa. Mama saya kata sedap kopi Costa. Saya rilek je tengok Papa saya baca paper. Apa2 pun Mama saya kata Starbucks toksah pegi, sebab depa bagi duit kat Zionis. Saya pun tak tau Zionis tu siapa

 Sedapnya kopi ais tu. Bilalah Mama saya akan bagi saya rasa kopi tu?

Saya suka abang-abang saya. Abang2 saya suka main dengan saya. Tapi kekadang Abang Ammar suka lepuk saya. Suka hati dia je. Beberapa bulan sejak saya makin pandai ni saya dah tau lepuk dia balik. Tapi Mama saya kata dia lepuk saya sebab saya suka rampas mainan dia. Memang betul pun.

Saya korek telinga Abang Adam.

Saya naik bot dengan Abang Ammar. Dia yang ajar saya. Mama saya membebel je.

Saya suka buat sepah. Abang2 saya yang kena kemas. Mama saya tak kisah asalkan bila Papa saya nak balik abang saya kemas.

Saya suka pegi bercuti dengan keluarga saya. Papa saya bagi saya main pasir. Saya main tak ingat dunia. Saya main sampai paha saya berbelang sebab sunburn dan rambut saya pun berpasir. Bila Mama saya nak mandikan saya pampers saya pun penuh dengan pasir. Nasib baik bontot saya tak gatal malam tu.

Main pasir di Bournemouth.

Semasa bercuti pun kami berpiknik bukak bekal. Mama saya letak saya bawah payung. Abang-abang saya makan sandwich, saya minum susu.

Musim panas ni saya seperti biasa berlenggeng je. Bila saya nampak semua orang makan aiskrim, saya pun nak juga! Mana boleh lepaskan peluang ni. Mama saya terpaksa bagi saya satu kon sebab saya jerit-jerit nak makan sendiri.


Selain dari bermain, saya juga suka baca buku. Saya pun berangan yang saya boleh menulis. Mama saya tak kisah asal saya tak cucuk mata atau lubang hidung saya.

Saya punggah buku dari almari. Seronok!

Haa dah jumpa buku favorite saya, In The Night Garden. Saya suka tengok Tombliboos tu.

Bila Mama saya bungkus buku masuk kotak pun saya nak menyibuk jugak.

Selain dari main toys saya suka usik benda lain. Saya suka explore rumah saya.

Saya main plug. Tapi Papa saya letak cover kat plug tu.

Saya suka jugak main netbook Mama saya. Ini memang Mama saya tension. Bila agaknya Papa nak belikan komputer untuk saya dan abang2 saya?

Mama saya cuba ganti dengan komputer Mickey Mouse tapi saya takmo. Saya tolak komputer mainan sebab saya nakjugak netbook Mama saya. 

Saya suka jugak menyibuk bila abang saya main Wii. Saya pun nak join.

 Sejak akhir2 ni, saya makin berani. Skill balancing saya semakin advance. Tak percaya tengoklah aksi 'merempit' saya ni.

Kuda kesayangan saya.



Saya heppiii! (selalu nak gugur jantung Mama saya)

Selain itu, stunt saya yang baru ialah macam Superman.

Saya panjat dulu kusyen sofa yang Papa saya beli (abang saya ajar)

Lepas tu saya slide ke bawah (ni saya reka sendiri, bukan abang saya ajar).

Itulah sedikit sebanyak perkembangan terbaru saya. Sampai jumpa lagi!


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Juggling glass balls

Health is a crystal ball...

Friday, 23 July 2010

Living Proof : A Medical Mutiny

Multiple Myeloma is cancer of the bone marrow (our factory of blood cells). Anybody who has this the system will go haywire. The person would be anemic, and minor infections might kill. Furthermore, this type of cancer cells eat away the bones, so the person can fracture his bones with only trivial trauma and also might fracture the vertebra (the bones that hold your spinal cord)--easily they end up paralyzed. Also the abnormal cancer cells will damage the person's kidneys leading to kidney failure.

In modern medicine, everybody agrees that there is no cure for Multiple Myeloma yet. Treated with harsh regime of chemotherapy and stem sell transplant,the median survival is 3 years.

Michael Gearin-Tosh was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in June 1994. He was a lecturer at Oxford University. He lived until 12 years later, wrote this book after the 8th year and managed to do all these without any chemotherapy, radiotherapy or stem cell transplant.

At diagnosis, he was 56 years old but his bones were of a 90 year-old. His haemoglobin was below 10g/dL (normal for man is 14-16g/dL). Instead of submitting himself to chemotherapy that would suppress his immune system, he opted for an alternative therapy that boost his immunity. His cancer markers normalize after 5 months of this alternative therapy.

How did he do it? 12 glasses of fresh juice per day, daily bowel enemas (bowel washout), acupuncture and an ancient Chinese breathing exercise. He also took massive amount of vitamins and minerals a day (tablets and injections) and also glutathione, co-enzyme Q-10, Maitake-D Fraction (a mushroom extract) and peppermint oil.

This book should be read by every physician, and see how he viewed his consultations with the doctors. How he said every consultant 'rushed him to treatment' and 'bullied him professionally'. Interestingly, he also noted this in the attitude of the alternative practitioners. (I think our community is familiar with this. A hospital doctor says don't go to the bomoh and the bomoh says don't go to the hospital. When can we compliment each other?).

He suggested that every consultation that has a major impact on a patient's life (eg a consultation to reveal a bad diagnosis) should be allowed to be recorded by the patient. Mind you, this is not for legal purposes, but simply because in such situation, the person receiving the news is in a denial state and might not be able to focus fully. They would need the recording a few hours later or the next day to understand the doctor's plan for them.

Also this book showed that, if you do not opt for chemotherapy, the alternative medicine required to fight a nasty disease is equally grueling to a chemotherapy regime (imagine 12 glasses of freshly made juice-that's almost a glass an hour when you are awake). It is probably safer (but there is no data on the safety of such regime), and offers you longer survival, but definitely it is not easier. Plus it is not covered by insurance companies. Either way, ikhtiar is the key word here.

His hospital consultants were open-minded enough to let him follow the alternative regime and allow him to come for follow ups at the hospital. This is important because even though other practitioners have other ways to heal, but only modern medicine has the knowledge of x-rays, scanning and checking blood parameters (although some traditional practitioners claim they can 'see' but nobody else has the ability to show back what they 'see' to the patient).

He did this in 1994. Now 16 years later, I can't believe such therapy is not accepted yet. I hope Malaysian dietitians and oncologists / haematologists do believe that nutraceuticals can really kill cancer cells, and they will advise the patients to triple their fruits and veges consumptions.

Oh yes..From this book also I was introduced to another 2 division of medicine- Psychoneuroimmunology and Orthomolecular Medicine.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Beri Makna Hidup Kepada Mereka

Hari ini Kak Dalilah Tamrin meninggalkan kita. AlFatihah untuk beliau. Memang perjalanan yang sangat sukar jika menghidap kanser. Tetapi tulisan beliau telah menjadi inspirasi kepada ramai orang. Ketabahan beliau memberi makna kepada orang lain.

Siapa yang sakit tetapi banyak sokongan dari keluarga amat beruntung. Tetapi bagaimana dengan mereka yg bergantung hidup pada kudrat? Tiada insurans atau pencen? Anak2 masih bersekolah?

Di sini saya sertakan bagaimana untuk memberi sumbangan kepada MAKNA, Majlis Kanser Nasional. Sumbangan akan membantu pesakit2 kanser yg sangat memerlukan sokongan kewangan. Ia juga membantu sukarelawan MAKNA menjalankan tugas-tugas mereka. Mungkin satu hari nanti ia cukup besar untuk membantu program research mereka. Ia semudah memberi barangan online.

Modes of Donation to MAKNA 

Cancer touches people’s lives at a time when they need emotional support and a sense of hope. It is emotionally & financially overwhelming hence, MAKNA is committed in continuously providing these services.  To continue with our services, we have lined up some fundraising channels, which are listed here.
Every donation ensures that cancer patient, their families, friends and co-workers will always have a place to turn for help.

Online Donation

Donate online through our secure service at click “Donate” button. Donations can be made via credit card Master card or Visa Card and Bank Savings account from Maybank, RHB, CIMB and AMBank.

Payroll Giving (PG)

Through our Payroll Giving Programme, your donation is deducted directly from your payroll, making giving convenient and easy.  Employees from Corporate companies can take part by filling a consent form.  Every month the Human Resource will tabulate their employee donation via payroll and send the donation to MAKNA in the form of a cheque.

Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP)

DDDP is a MAKNA fundraising solution that provides the organisation with a regular and predictable flow of funds.  This sustainable source of income allows MAKNA to plan for the future, and is invaluable in the fulfilment of its mission to help as many cancer patients as possible.  We accept credit card (Master / Visa) Debit Card (Amex) & Bank Savings account (Maybank & RHB)
DDDP encourages monthly and half-yearly donation of RM38 & RM58.  One off donation is also accepted.  This programme doesn’t accept cash donations.

Sens Saves Lives (SSL)

SSL welcomes loose changes “coins” from 5 cents to 50 cents.  The donation boxes comes in three different sizes, namely baby box, medium size acrylic box & 6ft tall Giant Donation Box.
The baby box is a 4 x 2½ inches “Do It Yourself” box that serves like a “Piggy Bank”.
The medium size box 7½L x 6W x 7½H suitable for shopping malls, hypermarkets, company, colleges, higher learning institutions and all community events.
The 6foot Giant Donation box serves a collation points at prominent locations, like shopping malls, hypermarkets, highway concessionaires, parks, hospitals etc.
SSL boxes can be found at TESCO Stores, Hospital Pusrawi, PLUS Highway, Shakey’s Pizza, Aneka Supermarket and STAR Lrt Stations nationwide.

Kempen Kutip Syiling

This programme is jointly organized with Ministry of Education.  All Primary and Secondary school pupils collect loose change (coins lying loose) from their homes and hand it to their respective schools.  School representatives collect and bank-in the amount into Kempen Kutip Syiling account.
You children are exposed to charitable work from young and learn about the disease “cancer”.  This programme is supported by Bank Negara, Malaysia.

Bank Account
Donations can be directly banked onto following MAKNA bank accounts:-

BANK Account No.       Account Name
Maybank 014075326343
Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA
Maybank 514075001920
Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA
Public Bank 3992405321
Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA
AM Bank 0232011012160
Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA
EON Bank 0582110001666
Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA
Hong Leong Bank 00101001166
Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA
CIMB 14630000638058
Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA
Bank Simpanan Nasional 1410029000422576
  Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA
UOB Bank 34600009004
Majlis Kanser Nasional or MAKNA

Mail us a donation

We accept cheque, money order, postal order and bank drafts make payable to MAKNA.

Wills & Trust

A will can be written to include a gift to MAKNA.
Donation with complete donor details (Name of Donor / company, NRIC of Donor / Company Registered number, Mailing address, Date & Amount) will be presented with a Tax-Exempt receipt.
Donations  helped us help over 3,100 patients in 2008 with over RM9.1 million in the form of Financial Aid, medical equipment & treatment.  Without continuous flow of funds we are challenges to help the cancer patients & their families.
Please contact us for any of the above mode of donation

Sekiranya tiada wang tetapi ada masa dan tenaga, boleh juga menjadi sukarelawan mereka. Klik link di website mereka.

Alfatihah untuk Kak Dalilah.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Akhirnya The Independent...

4 hari lepas akhbar The Independent telah menyiarkan cerita muka depan tentang Israel yang mencuri tanah rakyat Palestin di Tebing Barat. Syabas The Independent. Ia sesuatu yang sepatutnya dilaporkan sudah lama dahulu. Adakah kematian para aktivis Mavi Marmara berjaya menimbulkan keberanian wartawan Barat untuk berkata benar?

42% tanah Tebing Barat diduduki Israel si perampas tanah

Tetapi menghalau mereka bukan mudah. Kerana mereka menduduki kawasan itu atas alasan agama dan kerana mereka percaya itu yang Nabi Musa alaihissalam mahukan. Jika mereka dihalau, mungkin mereka juga akan mula menjadi pengebom berani mati.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Supplement vs Whole Foods

A comment from MIO on my previous entry- The Irony of the Medical Profession

"hmm. lagi satu yg smpai sekarang sy masih ragu2 - org kata, lebih baik ambil supplement sebab walau macam mana seimbang pun makanan yg kita ambik, mungkin makanan tu hilang zat sebab overcooked dsb. but you know me - paling besar ubat yg pernah ditelan pun ialah folic acid (yg dimakan dgn penuh susah payah), jadi redha aje la dengan pemakanan seimbang - nak senang, makan aje ulam dah sah2 takde risiko overcooked"

(adakah blog ini telah menjadi ruangan soal jawab bersama doktor kesayangan anda? :P)

Firstly, I would like to disclose that what I am going to write are what I gathered from reading various sources of materials including textbooks, articles and published papers. I am not a nutritionist, and I have never had a nutritionist guru to guide me. So please read with a critical mind as these are my understandings from my reading only. Perhaps if you are a nutritionist or a food scientist yourself, you can leave a comment and correct me. Thank you. May Allah protects us from false knowledge.

If you still remember your science or Alam dan Manusia subjects in school, we all learned that nutrients are categorized into 5 major groups namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals/vitamins and fibers. The minerals/vitamins group are highly unstable chemicals that there is a risk of losing it due to overcooking, like MIO had rightly pointed out. Hence the market is overflowing with vitamins and minerals tablets to ensure that we get enough of our recommended daily allowance.

I am not going to write about why we should not take the supplements, because I don't have enough evidence to say that they are bad for health. Not because of the vitamins but of the other compounds added to make the tablets have long shelf life (tahan lama), easily absorbed and stable in the acidic environment of the stomach. Instead, I am going to focus on why we should eat the fruits / vegetables that supply the vitamins themselves.

The scientists have now found that there are more than just the 5 groups of nutrients. There are now 2 more- antioxidants and phytochemicals. This knowledge has been around since probably 1950s, but somehow it is not given any weight it deserves. I suspect this has much to do with the billion dollars worth of pharmaceutical industry---> (OK ni ada unsur2 fitnah, tak pasti kebenarannya).

I am sure you have heard a lot about antioxidants- it is a chemical in foods that help remove reactive free radicals from our cells. Free radicals if accumulated leads to aging and a series of diseases associated with aging (cancer, heart disease, arthritis, alzheimers). Researchers found that by giving antioxidants to animal specimens in laboratories increase their life span (umur lebih panjang). Does this hold true for humans? Wallahualam.

Phytochemicals are chemicals in plants that help the plants to defend themselves against threats / diseases. For animals, the response to threats are running / change colours to camouflage / venoms or stings but plants can't do all these, so they produce the phytochemicals to help defend themselves.

We all learned that the vitamins strengthen our immune cells to fight diseases, but it is now found that these phytochemicals fight germs and cancer cells themselves in our bodies. They are the God-given medicine, readily available in foods (Subhanallah!).

The names of these phytochemicals are very alien to us. You can see the list here (with the food examples). To name a few of these chemicals- flavanoids, ellagic acid, allicin, beta carotene.......the list goes on. There are a few that has been proven to attack and kill cancer cells directly (amazing, isn't it?) so the knowledge of this will help you choose which fruit or vegetable that you want to consume more. This practice is now termed 'nutraceuticals' (as opposed to pharmaceuticals). I've only been reading about those that help to kill cancer cells but I'm sure different phytochemicals work for other diseases too. (now can you hear your grandma's voice telling you- makan ni, baik nak buang angin / elok untuk peranakan etc? ---yeah you are right Opah.. sob sob menyesal tak pay attention. AlFatihah untuk Opah).

Phytochemicals are also found in abundance in spices. That is why traditional Asian and Mediterranean cuisine are protective of many diseases, as opposed to Western cuisine that is rich in meat and poultry.

Now you see that in a single fruit or a single vegetable leaf contains vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and various other minerals, why would you choose a pill of vitamin C, or B, or folate, or iron, or calcium? How many pills do you have to consume to give you the same health benefits an orange or carrot can give you?

Besides, eating the whole fruit or leaves will provide you fibers, to help you pass motion easily. Fibers also helps delay sugar absorption (how fast sugar is absorbed and the body's response to it also plays a role in cancer development). And it satisfy your hunger, of course.

It is now recommended that we take at least 5 portions of fruits or vegetables a day to stay healthy. (An apple or an orange is a portion, 10 strawberries are a portion etc). It is not easy. On good days I usually only achieve 4 portions (veges for lunch and dinner and 2 fruits). But one day I will get there. The most important thing is to start.

80g of strawberries (about 8-10, depending on sizes) provide you one portion of your 5-a-day

Another way to achieve the 5 portions is to drink fresh juice. No sugar added of course. And it is better to drink whole juice (meaning you crush the whole carrot or orange or apple) not just the concentrate (perahan).This is because some nutrients are in the seeds or the inner rind. For example, the white rind of an orange (or any citrus fruits eg lemon, grapefruit, pomelo) contains quercetin- a natural anti-cancer agent that makes cancer cells commit suicide (apoptosis-remember, I wrote about this earlier here). So the next time you eat outside, choose a fresh juice drink with no sugar instead of soft drinks.

Overcooked vegetables?

Yes this is a major concern in preparing nutritious food. It is recommended that we eat them raw (ulam) but certain vegetables are not palatable to be eaten raw (to me at least) eg cabbage, broccoli. It is best to stir fry them quickly (with very little water if you must add) or steam them. Making them into soups are not advisable. The nutrients are highly unstable. What do we do? Making it into kerabu is a good way to eat them. I will share the kerabu tomato recipe later. But don't forget to say a prayer before cooking them, asking Allah to preserve the nutrients in the food so that they become medicine to us. :) Leave everything in His hands. He Knows Best.

Organic or non-organic?

Organic fruits / vegetables means no pesticide is used in growing them. Is it important? Yes, definitely. Experiments on urine of children eating non-organic fruits/veges showed significant high concentration of pesticides in their urine compared to children eating organic. These pesticides although very minimal and are removed from our body via kidneys and liver, surely prolonged and continuous exposure of it to our cells will eventually damage and 'exhaust' our cells. 

There is a theory that if phytochemicals help plants defend themselves, then the use of pesticides will lower the phytochemical contents of the plants. However this is still a theory, not proven yet. But I think this is a sound argument. If this is true, then we have 2 valid reasons to only eat organic fruits/veges- no pesticides and higher phytochemical contents.

However there are downsides of eating organic. They are expensive! sigh..... It costs double to purchase them. And they are not bigger or taste nicer either. This is when you say "Money can buy you health" (provided you are not sick yet).

But what is the price of our kidneys? liver? our joints?  Buying organic is an important investment of our money.... for health and longevity (after zakat and charity for eternal safety). Is it more important than any branded designer's items? (am asking myself.. :P)

But don't use the excuse of unable to afford organics deter you from eating more fruits/veges.Wash them thoroughly and peel the skin (pesticides cling mostly to the skin).

Who need supplements?

There are a number of people who must take supplements because they have increase demand of a particular nutrient, or their body has problems absorbing them. They are:

1. Pregnant mothers- must take folate, iron and calcium supplements. Although for normal pregnancies it is usually enough to just get these from food, for many mothers they require additional supplements because they cannot eat more food due to excessive vomiting and nausea, or poor spacing between births (tiap2 tahun beranak) because their bodies have no time to recover. Supplements also needed for vegetarians (in Malaysia usually Indian mothers) and poor mothers (yang hanya mampu makan nasi dan ikan kering je).

2. People with kidney failures- they require Vit D and calcium supplements.

3. Babies who exclusively breastfeed after 6 months- requires iron supplements.

4. People with various metabolic diseases or malabsorption syndrome.

aaahh..can't think of anything else. Anything the readers want to add, feel free to do so.

So MIO, who told you that it is better to take supplements? Are they the people who sell the supplements? If only the fruits and veges vendors knew what they sell are precious gems...

Gotta eat an apple now.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Irony of the Medical Profession.

What did I learn in medical school?

In the first year, we studied human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Layman term- how the body works. Every nerve and vein, cells and molecules, fluids and solids. (had to repeat my biochemistry paper..really could not retain all the pathways of fats, proteins, the coagulation cascade, bla bla 1000x). And still, quoting Prof. Sir David Weatherall, FRS (Regius Professor of Medicine, Univ of Oxford, UK);

"We know so little about how the body works.."

In the second year, we studied pathology, pharmacology, parasitology, microbiology.. or in short, what can go wrong with the body. Did we manage to cover all? We will never. We only could concentrate on the common ones. Often as doctors we would stumble on some bizarre illness that we know nothing about, when whatever we do, the truth won't reveal itself. Those times we would just guess (and pray!).

Then year 3 to 5 we entered the clinical world, where we started to touch strangers whom we called patients, and tried to get a glimpse of what our future might be like. We busied ourselves to see as much as we could, read more than the doctors think we did, and chased cases :D. (yes, come with something unusual and we would be hovering over you). We waited for mothers to break their waters and we would tail them until we can pull that screaming head out of you know where. We feed babies through tubes.We listened to manic and paranoid chatters in the psychiatric wards. We frequented the morgue, secretly hoping there would be a body waiting for us inside.

Then in a flash that seemed like forever, we graduated and started working. The first few years we spent learning to do procedures, to recognize subtleties, to work like zombies after sleepless nights, to handle colleagues, and to kowtow Bosses.

What do we do when we see healthy people?

We do nothing. We dismiss them. We gladly shoo them away.

(What happen next in the course of a doctor's career is unknown to me, because that was where I stopped. Remind me to write about it again in a few years).

So while we doctors know a lot about diseases, we know little about health. That's the irony of the medical profession.

We concentrate more on the diseases, how to recognize them, how to relieve them, how to straightened bones, how to sew wounds. If an artery is blocked, we unblock it and pray it won't get blocked again. If we found stones, we crush them or remove them. If we found tumours, we cut them, burn them or poison them.

As a result, the doctors know more about the Don'ts than Dos....

-Don't smoke. You will get cancer everywhere.
-Don't bend down when lifting heavy things. You will snap you back.
-Don't eat too much fried food. Your waist will double.
-Don't have unprotected sex. (If protected we don't care).
-Don't play with fireworks (If you end up in the emergency dept during my shift on the eve of AidilFitri, I'll kill you myself

What about the Dos? We leave that to dietitian, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, herbalist etc...

Imagine our body is a town, and the brain is the Mayor, the organs are the government agencies, the bones and skin are the buildings and the immune system is the police force, who is a doctor to this town?

We doctors are just the handyman, the plumbers. You have a leak, you call us. You have a broken window, you call us. But the Mayor is still you. And the life of the town depends on you.

Try say this to a doctor..

You : Doc, I don't want your medicine. I will try to detoxify myself and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. I will meditate and zikr more. InsyaAllah the disease will go away.
Doc : Trust me (a professional bully)! Without treatment you will die in a year (offering statistics). I have seen many people suffer with illness like yours (my experience matters more than your knowledge of your body, and your feelings).


You : Doc, what do you suggest I do so that the illness won't come back again?
Doc : Do what you please. Live your life to the fullest. Come back for check up in 6 months. (the truth is I don't really know. And your time is up. Next patient please!)

What we doctors know about nutrition?

My knowledge of nutrition is limited to:
 a) The food pyramid (carbohydrate at the base, fats at the top etc).
b) Fat is bad. Reduce fat intake if you have heart disease.
c) Sugar is bad. Reduce sugar if you have diabetes.
d) Salt is bad. Reduce salt if you have hypertension.
e) Eat more fruits and veges. (What is suitable for a disease and what is not- I don't know).
f) Eat more fiber if you are constipated.
g) Drink 2 liters of water a day.
h) Avoid red meat, seafood and beans if you have high uric acid.

I only remember one or two lectures about nutrition during our student years. There was no emphasize on nutrition in our studies. Even though for thousands of years nutrition is a MAJOR part of health.

"Healthy eating is a timeless science, researched for thousands of years in different civilizations but surprisingly neglected this century. Nutritionally aware physicians are few and far between, especially when it comes to factors such as the subtle energies of living plants and plant enzymes."
 (Dr.Carruthers, MRCPath, MD, MRCGP in the foreword of Leslie Kenton's book, Raw Energy)

Don't rely too much on your doctors about your health. Don't let the doctors bully you because of your ignorance and their arrogance. Take charge of your own body. Ask more. Ask around. Eat healthy. Eat fresh.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Happy birthday Mama..

Hari ini harijadi Mak saya :D

Baju serupa 

Semoga Mama diberkati Allah selalu.

God made a wonderful Mother
A Mother who doesn't grow old.
He made her a smile of sunshine,
And a heart of pure gold.
In her cheeks he placed fair roses,
in her eyes, stars that shine.
God made a wonderful Mother,
And that wonderful Mother is mine.