Monday, 30 April 2012

Mommies please don't feed your kids these

We send the 3 boys to a taska during office hours and it is a good, clean and spacious taska. But what worries me is the 'jajan' they received from other parents that give them away for their kids' birthday celebration.

The ones I hid from the kids
I understand the good intentions of other parents, but probably they are not aware themselves that they are feeding un-nutritious and potentially poisonous food to the growing child. My kids are very happy when they received it, but I usually will let them have 2 or 3 items then hide the rest away.

And yesterday I chucked them all out after cleaning the kitchen cabinet.

Look at the long list of ingredients/ chemicals in it
  I know healthy items are quite pricey so I guess that's why parents resorted to cheap 'jajans' to give away in their party packs. But probably we have to reflect on the story of Prophet Adam (AS)'s sons, Habil and Qabil, and how Qabil's sacrifice was not accepted because of its poor quality. If we want to give sadaqah to celebrate our child's birthday, then spend more and give the best we can.

But one parents were very thoughtful and instead of giving 'jajan', they gave Angry Birds' bottle :). The kids really love them and imagine every time they drink from it the parents will get rewards for it. May Allah bless them always.

If you are thinking of party packs to give to your kids' nursery, some (affordable) suggestions from me:
1. Fruits (apples, oranges, bananas)
2. Milk produces (flavored milk, yoghurt, probiotic drinks)
3. Sandwhiches
4. Cupcakes / Muffins
5. Stationeries
6. Books!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Him In Other Books


And the book is delivered,
To him that is not learned,
Saying, read this, I pray thee:
And he saith, I am not learned.
                        Isaiah: 12

(sangat-sangat familiar, kan :) )

 Ini pula kisah Hijrah Baginda dan Perang Badar:

The burden upon Arabia,
In the forest of Arabia shall ye lodge,
O ye travelling companies of Dedanim,
The inhabitants of the land of Tema*
brought water to him that was thirsty,
they prevented him with their bread
him that fled, For the fled from the swords...
Within a year, according to the years of an hirelling,
and all the glory of Kedar** shall fail:
And the residue of the number of archers,
the mighty men of the children of Kedar,
shall be diminished
                       Isaiah: 14-17

* Tema: a place north of Madinah
**Kedar: Prophet Ismail's son ie keturunan Nabi Ismail (Bani Quraish)


Description of Narashangsa (sanskrit: translation- Yang Terpuji):
-He will use camels as his mounts
-He has 12 wives
-God will honour Narashangsa with 12 garlands (simbolik: sahabat/ orang kanan)
-He will receive a gift of ten thousand cows (dalam agama Hindu lembu adalah suci, ini jumlah sama dgn pengikut Baginda pada kemuncak perjuangan Baginda iaitu ketika pembukaan Kota Mekah).


Description of Kalki Avatar (sanskrit: translation- Utusan Terakhir) :

-"Oh God, with the help of four brothers, I will destroy the Devil"
-He will be born on the city of Shambal (sanskrit: translation- kawasan tumpuan orang ramai yang mempunyai 60 patung berhala, dan berhampiran dengan air- sinonim dgn Mekah)
-His father's name will be Vishnu-Yash (sanskrit: translation-hamba Tuhan ie Abdullah)
- His mother's name will be Sumati (sanskrit: translation-yang baik hati- sinonim dgn Aminah)

Banyak lagi dalam buku yang saya baca kat bawah ni. Nabi Muhammad SAW juga disebut oleh Sidartha Gautama Buddha dalam wasiat terakhir beliau (nama lain of course, tapi description sama).

pinjam dari Library Universiti

*Masih lagi berfikir nak pergi KL Book Fair ke tidak. Tapi minggu depan terpaksa bekerja di padang hoki untuk Kejohanan Hoki Asia. Jadual shift duty tak keluar lagi. hmmmmm..