Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I think all of us are familiar with the tv3 program called "Bersamamu" that featured hard core poor of our country every week. I'm not sure if the program is still going on. I don't know if all of us have the empathy towards the people featured in the program, because I'm sure we all have some reservations towards reality programs on tv.

But today I met one lady whom I think would have qualified to be in the program. She is 63 years old. She lives alone, her husband passed away 20 years ago. They had no kids.

She has multiple chronic illnesses namely diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and knee osteoarthritis. Because of her painful knees and also her failing heart she can't walk far- she will become breathless. Since she is living alone, she has to cook herself. The task of preparing herself a meal is quite troublesome. She walks to the kitchen, and this requires a few stops ( to catch her breaths). At the kitchen she will do everything while sitting, and she tries to cook big batches for the next day too. After cooking she would rest, and only maybe tidy up the kitchen after she rest for few hours. She always choose to just cook jemput-jemput for breakfast and dinner as it is easy to prepare (how can we control her diabetes with that? and how can she be healthy with unnutricious meal like that?).

She has no helpful neighbour. Her nearest relative lives 20 km away (her elder brother) who comes twice a week to bring her groceries and also bring her for dr's appointments. Once she fell in the bathroom and hurt her back. Unable to get up, she had to stay in the bathroom for 2 days until her brother came and found her. Hungry and cold, she was hospitalized for a week.

Today when I saw her in the clinic, both her legs are swollen because of her failing heart. I had to give her some diuretics (to pump out all the water in her body) to reduce the swelling. I actually felt bad because with this medicine she will have to go to the toilet every 1-2 hours to pee.

You might be thinking what is her financial source. She receives RM 290 from Jabatan Kebajikan masyarakat and dry provisions worth RM 80 from Baitulmal. Her trip to our hospital will cost her precious RM20 for every visit. When she told me this I was actually thinking of the dinner our family had last week at a 5 star resort on my father's birthday where we spent close to the amount she gets for the whole month.

The condition of her house? I don't know but she is staying in her 'rumah pusaka' which I think must be an old kampung house. She told me her nephew did come to the house to do some repairs few months ago.

So that's a true story of one lady in a remote place in rural Malaysia. I have others, but I'll save those for next time.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Chicken pox

2 weeks ago Ammar was down with chicken pox (chicken pot as Abid calls it), and I had to take 4 days off.

And now it's Adam and Abid's turn! They are behaving quite well despite the itchiness, but I can't take leave anymore and Papaboyz is going to have an exam in 3 days.

On days like this i wish we have a maid :( (or better, i wish I'm a housewife!)

spotty boy
Adam has a very good question:

Adam: Mama, did the virus got it from the chicken?
Mama: errr no.
Adam: When did the chicken get involved?
Mama: It's a long story. But what matters now is not the chicken. It is you, ok? (ie Mama has no idea)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

As promised

hehe... waaahhh cepatnyer meng-update! Saja je, takut the intention die off..

This is going to be a very busy month (and i chose to make a new azam this month? tsk tsk). I have a program that I personally designed with a close friend (who is a dietitian) to tackle one of the most embarassing problem (at least to both of us) of our hospital- 30% of our staffs are obese! This is a pilot project but I do hope that it is going to be beneficial and the template of the program can be applied elsewhere.

On top of that I would be attending 2 big seminars that I am considering as a milestone to myself. One is on real estate investment (no relation with my job whatsoever) and another is for a certificate to become an investigator for clinical trials. Our hospital is not a clinical research center yet but I am determined to make it become one. I do feel being involved in clinical trials is an important ibadah, though I don't know whether I'll like it or not.

I hope everything goes well.

"The sweetness in life is in striving"
-Imam Shafiee
(my mantra everytime i feels tired)

Childhood friend

Fazrideen, me, Fara, sis (circa 1985-86)
Sis, Fara, me, Karim (2/9/2012)
We visited her parents for hari raya (our moms were officemates) and exchanged latest news. Of course our lives are not as "happening" as compared to hers. She is as bubbly as you would see her on tv. I was very impressed with her mom's house and kept on saying " Auntie, rumah auntie cantiklah" hahaha. It is just an intermediate double storey terrace house but the interior has been well laid out that it looked spacious and functional and they even have a private Balinese style garden (I imagined myself having early morning coffee with a nice book there). Hmmm now I think I don't need a big house at all. It just have to be nice and comfy. And everything (from superstore to library) has to be within walking distance. That would be my first requirement. Just like our apartment in Manchester.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Azam baru (lagi)

Saya tergerak hati utk membaca post2 lama, terutamanya book reviews, travelling series, life in UK.. Saya hingga terlupa saya pernah menulis semua itu, dan bila melihat gambar2 lama saya tergelak melihat gemuknya jari-jemari Ammar dulu dan nakalnya Abid.

Apabila saya membaca posts mengenai medical/health pula saya merasakan yg pada ketika itu saya hmm.. how to say? Had a clearer mind maybe. I can't even write a poem now. :(

Akhirnya saya telah install Blogger apps dalam ipad saya. Saya harap saya boleh terus rajin menulis (tanpa merapu) terutamanya book reviews dan pasal budak2 nih sebab mereka begitu cepat membesar!