Thursday, 10 November 2011

Notes to 4 most amazing men :)

Just finished Imam Abu Hanifah. Now starting Imam Maliki.

"Imam Abu Hanifah : A glimpse of your colourful life is an inspiration. Glad I had the chance to walk through it. Your mom- can't get my mind of her. She was the reason all those happened, wasn't it?

Imam Malik : I've already loved you before. A story of you always plays in my head. The one about people asking you to be more zuhud. Hihihi...I know I will love you more. Now reading you :). Happy.

Imam Shafiee : I have always love your poems. And my favourite is 'Let the Days'. I have visited where you were rested. I can't believe I haven't read you before. I thought of jumping straight to you, but the author tells the stories of you and your brothers in chronological order. I have to read them first. I'll get to you soon. You love knowledge more than anyone else. That's why I love you.

Imam Ahmad : Sadly, you are the least I know about. Can't wait to get to know you. Can't wait."


Anonymous said...

La ingatkan the 4 men of your life.

best ke penulisan pak latip?

kita ada sultan muhamad al fateh tapi belum baca lagi.


Mamaboyz said...

pak latip best, ini biografi 4 imam tu tapi dia cover jugak sejarah khalifah2 bani umaiyah & abasiyah,dia tak tulis macam biografi, dia buat macam novel, ada dialog semua

nak pinjam sultan muhamad al fateh

Anonymous said...

boleh pinjam. nanti kita try abiskan before 27th.


Wan Sharif said...

I do heard some and write a story on imam Ahmad ;). Will have to buy all those books first;)